Sunday, 15 June 2014

Our Humble Abode

Here is a front view of our humble abode. This picture was taken in early spring and much of the grass was still brown. I was excited that the snow had finally melted and decided it was time to take some pictures.
It is from this humble abode, a log house with an addition that I write.

From this side view you can see the original log portion of our house. When we first bought the house we had a five year plan to fix it up and to sell it. When that time was up we decided to fix it up and keep it. Now twenty-two years later we are still here.

What changed our minds?  We liked living in the village which happens to be on the edge of Ottawa, Ontario and we liked our neighbours. Mostly, we didn't want to pack things up and make a move. Considering we had moved every year for the first three years of our marriage we were here to stay.